Requests for use of Winnicott’s copyrighted material

Requests for use of Winnicott’s copyrighted material:

Permission clearance requests for copyrighted material from the work of DW Winnicott are largely handled by the Marsh Agency Ltd.

If you need to apply please contact

with a brief description of the context in which the material is to be used and the following details, in order for your application to be considered:

  • Title/ paper where the material you wish to reproduce originally appeared
  • number of words you wish to reproduce
  • name of your publication
  • release date of your publication
  • retail price of your publication
  • size of first print run of your publication
  • territories and languages requested

Please note that the agency receives a great number of applications and while they endeavour to process these as quickly as possible it is vital to apply as far in advance of your deadline as you can.