Jan Abram (ed) (2016). Andre Green at the Squiggle Foundation Revised Edition.

Andre Green at the Squiggle Foundation: Revised Edition 2016

Editor : Jan Abram

144 pages London: Karnac Books

“Despite being one of the foremost psychoanalysts working today, much of Andre Green’s work has until recently been unavailable in English. This work aims to rectify this, by collecting together five lectures given to the Squiggle Foundation in London. This accessible and clearly written book provides a unique introduction to Green’s work and its relation to the work of D.W. Winnicott, as promoted by the Squiggle Foundation itself.

The Squiggle Foundation has as its goal “to study and cultivate the tradition of D.W. Winnicott”, and has achieved an international reputation in doing so. Dr Green’s lectures touch particularly on the links between his thought and that of Winnicott – as can be seen from the lecture titles: “Experience and Thinking in Analytic Practice”, “Objects(s) and Subject”, “On Thirdness”, “The Posthumous Winnicott: On Human Nature”, and “The Intuition of the Negative Playing and Reality”. The book also contains an Introduction by Jan Abram, setting out the main currents of Green’s thought, and describing his long and fruitful relationship with the Squiggle Foundation…”

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