BIRMINGHAM: Prelimary notice: West Midlands Psychotherapy Institute in association with Squiggle.

Saturday 2nd February, 2019

10:00 am


Forgiveness: a forgotten clinical conundrum?

Adrian Sutton, Director of Squiggle

Venue & cost to be confirmed

Adrian Sutton explores four key questions arising from his clinical and psychoanalytic thinking about forgiveness, in the context of his work in the NHS in UK and in Northern Uganda:

  • Is ‘Forgiveness’ a driver of change, a target to be aimed for or at – or is its presence a marker of a state of equanimity that brings benefits to individuals?
  • Does ‘Forgiveness’ result from acts of will or does it emerge when a variety of processes interact?
  • What does it take to attain and maintain a state of forgiveness?
  • What is the relationship between individual experiences of ‘Forgiveness’ and wider societal and relational processes that promote ‘Forgiveness’ as morally desirable and pragmatically necessary?

A presentation will be followed by small group discussion and a closing plenary.