The emergence & submergence of authenticity: Exploring Winnicott's ideas of True Self/False Self, Transitional Processes & the Facilitating Environment. SQUIGGLE in MANCHESTER

Saturday 11th November, 2017

10:00 am



Presented by Adrian Sutton (Director, Squiggle Foundation) with Tessa Dalley (Chair, Squiggle Foundation: Child Psychotherapist) in conjunction with Art Therapists working with Children, Adolescents & Families [ATCAF]

How do personal developmental processes promote health and well-being? Can these processes have adverse effects? How do we understand the interweaving of these processes with environmental influences and how both may contribute to better experiences and outcomes? The presentation will describe two key concepts in Winnicott’s formulation of ‘The Maturational Processes’ and provide an opportunity for discussion and exploration of their significance in everyday life and professional practice. The morning will be of interest to trainees / practitioners in child development, mental health, education, and social welfare, teachers of psychodynamic theory and practice and those from other fields with an interest in psychoanalytic ideas and their application.

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