Vitality, Creativity, Destructiveness and the Value of Contributing: Winnicott's unique view of Depression. SQUIGGLE NORTH EAST CONFERENCE

Saturday 4th November, 2017

9:30 am



Chris Brogan, psychoanalytic psychotherapist, will explore Winnicott’s ideas on Depression with particular reference to Winnicott’s paper The Value of Depression published in the book Home is Where We Start From.

Winnicott regards Depression as a sign that the person has achieved a certain stage of development, where he/she has an outside and an inside and a sense of I AM, which can be a precarious state of affairs. Contributing helps restore being of value and is essential for recovery. The presentation contains several brief clinical examples from work with adults.

After a refreshment break a clinician from NE Squiggle will present a case and there will be ample opportunity for a general discussion before finishing at 12:30.

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