WEBINAR: The Visitors – a dramatic enquiry into attitudes toward criminality.

Saturday 3rd October, 2020

10:00 am




‘The Visitors’ is an innovative and creative exploration of contemporary themes using the ideas of Foulkes and Winnicott.

Mike Tait has been providing webinars using the different chapters of his work “The Visitors” for an international audience and in the final week of August 2020 he held a ‘marathon’ with daily readings over eight days. This Squiggle event is an opportunity to participate in a reading and discussion of the first of its eight chapters which addresses the idea of ‘badness’. It will involve an exploration and critique of current judicial responses to delinquency and criminality in relation to the ideas of Winnicott, Foulkes and de Mare with their varying emphasis on parent-child interactions and social context.


10:00-11.15 an interactive reading of the first chapter of ‘the Visitors’ which will include international guests who have previously read and discussed this script.

11:15-11:30 Refreshment break

11:30-12:30 Discussion

Participants will be provided with a copy of the script, which they may wish to wish to read in advance, along with Zoom Room details when they register. During the reading the script will also appear on the zoom screen.

“I have been writing this exploration for several years. At first it began within me as a series of questions when I watched what seemed to be a thoughtlessly orchestrated social trajectory for young offenders. Then, working in a therapeutic community with young offenders, I watched the way that social forces impinged upon and threatened the survival of creative initiatives – as if Winnicott’s ideas remained alien to the social discourse. This is an ongoing project borne of frustration. I do not envisage my bewildered questioning ever finding resolution.”

Mike Tait is a Squiggle Trustee and has spent most of his life working in therapeutic communities in the national health and charity sectors: as a member of the residential staff, as a Dramatherapist or as a Group Analyst. Now, as he approaches retirement, he plans to write. For further details of the format of this event and other related events contact Mike Tait: mikekiwitait@aol.com

Members free: students £5 Non-members £10

Applications to info@squiggle-foundation.org

Closing date for applications: 5pm Thursday 1st October
Last updated 13th September 2020 – extended time for discussion