The Visitors: Chapter 6 'Meeting at different levels of development' convenor Mike Tait

Saturday 19th February, 2022

11:50 am


Mike Tait

Squiggle Trustee, Group Analyst & Dramatherapist


Mike Tait continues this project, illustrating & examining the work of Foulkes and Winnicott, which he has established in a parallel set of meetings (The Visitors & Foulkes meets Winnicott).

The Visitors is an imaginative and thought-provoking dramatised approach to illustrating the concepts of Foulkes, Winnicott & De Mare and promoting discussion with an international group of participants. Chapters 1-4 have been read sequentially in online events through 2020-21 and have been generated great interest and very positive feedback.
Mike writes: “Upon moving towards retirement after 40 years of working in therapeutic communities, I found myself left with a lot of questions which seemed most easily articulated in the shape of a novel – ‘The Visitors’ – which for the purposes of reading in on-line groups took the shape of a play. During a reading of the first 8 chapters over zoom last year [2020], it became clear that the questions had international resonance and the discussion which emerged was as interesting as the play.  Several individuals have asked about a reading this year.  This is likely to be of interest to those who wish to explore the ideas of Foulkes, Winnicott and de Mare in relation to a variety of themes in an international context.”
Chapters 1-4 addressed questions related to judicial responses, mental health, international conversations about terrorism, and on trying to have a conversation in a community group with people you would normally avoid. In 2022, Chapters 5-8 will examine, in separate events, the nature of boundary, the nature of meeting at different levels of development, the nature of inter-generational meeting and desire, and motivation.
The series of discussions will take place between 10 am and 1 pm on Saturday mornings on Zoom.
The format will be as follows: 1] international vignettes from participants relating to the theme of the chapter [any thoughts, associations, news reports from your cultural context will add to the rich tapestry…] 2] reading a chapter of ‘The Visitors.’ 3] discussion. Each chapter will be sent out in advance before the reading.
Participants may attend all or some of the readings. Previous chapters can be sent out so don’t worry if you have missed some readings.
There will be no cost.

Please get in touch with Mike at for further information.