Squiggle Online: 'Environment and Potential Space- Discovering the Object.'

Saturday 20th February, 2021

10:00 am


‘Environment and Potential Space: Discovering the Object.’

The physical environment as transitional space.

Saturday February 20th 10:00 – 12:40

Teresa von Sommaruga-Howard  & Mike Tait 

A webinar to explore the emergence, discovery and sustainability of ‘potential space’ as a developmental process in both the internal and external environment: presented by Teresa von Sommaruga-Howard (Architect, Family Therapist & Group Analyst) & Mike Tait (Group Analyst & Trustee, Squiggle Foundation) chaired by Tessa Dalley (Child Psychotherapist & Chair of Trustees, Squiggle Foundation).

Teresa von Sommaruga Howard, a registered architect, systemic family therapist and group analyst with expertise conducting medium and large groups, writes:
“For as long as I can remember I wanted to be an architect. The child of a refugee, I knew what it meant to be physically homeless. It took me much longer to realise the extent of my emotional homelessness. As an architect my entire career was spent in social housing working in the inner city, most of it in what was called ‘rehabilitation’ of existing property.
As a young mother I discovered Donald Winnicott. Through the inevitable reflections on my own life, I learnt to recognise that our first relationship provides an important template for all future relationships, both emotional and physical. I realised what the architect’s role could be at an emotional level particularly in this work with Council tenants. Subsequently I co-authored a book Design through Dialogue: A Guide for Clients and Architects to illustrate what is possible when architects are ‘good-enough’, as in Winnicott’s ‘good-enough’ mother.
The capacity to symbolise our first most important relationship led to Winnicott’s idea of the ‘transitional object’. The house too can be seen as an ‘object’ imbued with meaning, a symbolic reminder of our first relationship. It becomes a ‘home’ that the architect needs to respect.”
Teresa will use images to illustrate her talk during the first part of the morning. For the second half, we have invited contributors from different cultural contexts to provide vignettes to enrich the conversation and set the scene for contributions and questions from the audience.

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This is a public lecture, open to anyone with an interest in exploring the relationship between the internal world and the built environment and how enhanced understanding can be used for the benefit of all.